IPE Preservation Solutions

Throughout the years of experiences we worked for numerous regionals and few nationals, worked for almost every client systems like Safeguard, MCS, Service Link, NFR, NFN, Wolverine, Altisource, MSI, M&M, AimYourWay, Carrington etc.

IPE : Four Areas of Expertise

Through the years we have been showing our skills processing Maintenance orders everyday and we can process almost 200 maintenance orders without taking any pressure or making any mistakes. We assure the highest quality along with property bids, invoicing.

We are good in grass cut order processing as well, since the summer season is full of grass and recurring grass cuts and proper measurement along with guidelines is key thing for quality processing.

We are happy to provide our Inspection Orders processing services with the experienced hands, where most of our processors are experienced from years.

Services in Details

  • Downloading the photos from the Website or FTP
  • Uploading, rearranging, & Labeling the Photos as per the Work Order
  • Labeling Before, During & After photos, Bid & other photos
  • Creating & Adding BIDS as per the Vendor notes & Photos
  • Using Cost Estimator / Repair Base to calculate bid amounts
  • Invoicing as per the price sheets
  • Perform per Bids
  • Preservation Orders: Initial Secures, Additional work request, Conveyance conditions, Sales Clean, Securing, Deed-In lieu, etc.
  • Creating & Uploading Reports
  • Uploading the Property Inspection form if required

Why chose us?

  • Experienced Processors with Project Managers, Team leads etc.
  • Best Pricing
  • One Day turn-around time
  • Quality Assuarance
  • 24/7

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